Woman Recovers after Undergoing Surgery to Remove a Large Neck Tumor

She underwent a 5-and-a-half-hour surgery at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu.

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Christine Adhiambo (fourth left). Photo/Courtesy.

A woman by the name of Christine Adhiambo has recovered after successfully undergoing a major surgery about a week ago to remove a large tumor from her neck that she developed in 2016 according to a Facebook post today by Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu.

“Christine Adhiambo was diagnosed with a large Hypopharyngeal (lower throat region) tumor in 2016. Since then surgery was not performed as the tumor was extensive and considered not manageable for resection (cutting out tissue),” the post read.

Adhiambo was then attended by Dr. Mounzer Ghanem, Head and Neck Consultant surgeon at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu who “saw the necessity of removing the whole tumor.” Complete excision of the tumor was successfully performed by Dr. Ghanem about a week ago and she recovered within seven days.

“She underwent a 5-and-a-half-hour surgery by our multidisciplinary team Including Dr. Ghanem, Dr. Eshiwani, Consultant Anesthesiologist and Medical Director and Theatre nurses that was performed a week ago,” the post read.

“It was an extensive surgery as the tumor was behind the hypopharynx, pushing the trachea and the left thyroid lobe from the back and extending to the envelope of the esophagus and reaching the prevertebral area.”

The histopathology results report for Adhiambo confirmed that the growth was not cancer.

Medics at the Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu also performed lifesaving surgery on June 29th, 2022 on a two-day-old baby who had a developmental anomaly that impairs the ability to breathe properly.

Adhiambo will be discharged today to resume her normal life.

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